Elves of Dwarf-Land

Elvish Wigs

The Elves of Dwarf-Land are mostly found in the Joyful Forest, save a few strange relatives in the distant Drudwas Wood.  The main bastion of the Elves is the Snickering Citadel and surrounding Elf-Town; two fortresses, Castles Drasmeth and Hexip, are the only other walled fortifications in the Joyful Forest.

The Elves of the Joyful Forest are divided into two types.

The first, and the type known to outsiders merely as “Elves”, are less numerous and comprise the Elvish nobility and gentry.  They are often called “Court-Elves” among those people familiar with Elvish matters, although many Court-Elves live and frolic in various secluded, sun-dappled hollows, clearings, and thickets outside the main population centers.  They are generally tall, fair, and willowy.  Other races find them attractive in an eldritch sort of way.  (As Elves in Men & Magic.)

The more numerous Petty-Elves are the Elvish analogues of the yeomanry and peasantry.  They see to such matters as agriculture, husbandry, scouting, patrolling, and general tidying-up after the profligate Court-Elves.  They are shorter and homely, somewhat florid of face.  Many live in hollow trees and smell faintly of cookies.  (As Hobbits in Men & Magic.)

Court-Elves enjoy dancing, capering, and affecting various fashions, of which the default seems to be frilled shirts, tailored doublets, hose, and curly-toed shoes for gentlemen, and shimmering, shoulderless bustled dresses for ladies. Elvish heads are often surmounted by elaborate powdered wigs of varying hues, or hats, with the current male vogue being top hats.  Elvish noses are often dabbed at by perfumed lace handkerchiefs of dubious utility.

Court-Elves are fond of hunting stags from the backs of slender aristocratic horses.  They are excellent natural fencers, archers, and knife-fighters, but too easily distracted to become first rate at the arts; similarly with wizardry.  They are, however, quite truculent – even sadistic – when roused to anger.

Petty-Elves enjoy sensibility, stealth, bakery, and confectionery.  They wear simple dress, perhaps with a waistcoat if the Petty-Elf in question is particularly jaunty, topped off with hats or hoods.  They live in groves of large hollow trees from which they pad quietly along the forest trails, bearing small but powerful bows and long knives.  They are quite strong for their size but not particularly fearsome and display no talent whatsoever for magical craft.  They will therefore most often hie back to notify the Court-Elves of any really dangerous-looking intruders.  They do not generally ride beasts.

The Elvish Court is maddening to outsiders, an elaborate edifice of in-jokes, double entendres, and giggling mockery, with the occasional duel.  Various trends and vogues sweep through the Court like wildfire only to wane just as quickly.  The cardinal faux pas in the Elvish Court is to present oneself in outmoded fashion, although if one carries it off with sufficient elan, this may spark a new craze.  (The various courtiers, fops, and sycophants carefully gauge their King and Queen’s reactions before making this determination.)  Waltzes are ubiquitous.

Outsiders are invariably considered tacky, at best adorably kitschy, and are the butts of jokes and pranks.

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7 Responses to Elves of Dwarf-Land

  1. Aaron Funk says:

    I may just have to steal that Halflings as Petty Elves idea for my next game. Mental gears turning…turning…

    Well done stuff as always.

  2. Jonas says:

    I too like the idea of halflings being other variant of elves, I have usually gone route that elves and dwarves are related.

  3. kent says:

    Good to see you have a steady work rhythm going.

    Waltzes are perennial, perhaps?

    • Scott says:

      I’m trying to write something up every day, and sometimes even succeeding. I’m mostly focusing on geographical regions and the various species right now, as the castles and towns will generally only get a few sentences each, with the obvious exceptions of Castle Blitzendrang and Dwarf-Town.

      My sentence was inartfully drafted … yours may be better, I’m not sure myself whether I mean waltzes are “everywhere” or “always popular.”

    • kent says:

      Its going to be a nice fat book like The First Fantasy Campaign. Ive just had a thought that a couple of small castle & environs maps from Russ might be a good choice for some of those illustrations.

  4. Cole says:

    You have warmed the wig-shaped cockles of my heart

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