Dungeon background

The entirety of the initial background for a possible Underworld, to be run in an as-yet unknown venue using either 3LB or B/X:

His Incomparable Effulgence the Dread High Dingus of the Great City of Faz has decreed that the Underworld beneath the City is open for plunder, its denizens to be regarded as caitiffs and malefactors utterly without recourse to the otherwise boundless beneficence of the law.

You have consulted with a hooded figure in a soggy reeking tavern, the consensus being that information thus gleaned is unimpeachable in such matters.  His sibilant counsel is that one ingress to the maze lies in the Furtive Quarter, in the cellars of the ruined Temple of Ghonk.  And that is where you, suitably outfitted and girded, find yourselves.

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10 Responses to Dungeon background

  1. Chris Robert says:


  2. stefan p says:

    Kudos for cutting to the chase by putting the fricking dungeon right under the town. How tiresome it always seemed that our adventurers had to walk out of the city, through the suburbs, then through the farms and fields until (finally) the dungeon. All that wasted walking between “You meet in an inn” and “you enter room one of the dungeon…” One of my old DMs had the enterance dungeon right in the middle of the graveyard, which saved a lot of time since most of the characters went straight from ‘alive’ to ‘dead.’

  3. Bombasticus says:

    Why not just run the first reel of SAW?

  4. Aaron Funk says:

    I like it. The “undercity” concept means there are several different potential ingress/egress points to the dungeon. That allows you to have several small dungeons that you can or cannot link together if you like as things go on.

    • Scott says:

      That’s kind of the plan, assuming I ever actually get to run it. I stole the undercity thing from Lankhmar by way of the CSIO and Jakalla.

      (I do want to run it at some point soon, but I also want to finish Dwarf-Land some time in 2013.)

  5. Milton says:

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