“It’s a Blobmas miracle!” Part 2: My old CSIO calendar, adapted

On an old blog, what seems like a long time ago, I posted a couple entries re: the CSIO calendar in my Wilderlands of Darkling Sorcery homebrew setting.  I’ve adapted it for use in the AD&D 1e Underworld of Faz campaign because I’m lazy and don’t want to bash up a new one.

The following notes apply to the calendar in use in the Great City of Faz and neighboring lands. Other cultures undoubtedly have their own calendars, as evidenced by the infamous “Caturday” observed weekly in the decadent City of Gnulg.

The Fazian calendar is similar to the Gregorian calendar, with 13 months of 28 days each. Each year consists of 364 days. Each month consists of 4 weeks of 7 days each.

The first day of the year is the vernal equinox, so that the seasons run in order (spring, summer, fall, winter) in groups of three months.

In the case of the months and associated zodiacal signs, I’ve chosen the sign so that its first letter corresponds with the number of the month. So the first month is “A,” the second month is “B,” and so on. In the case of the days of the week, I’ve picked names that sound vaguely like the name of our own days of the week. This makes the calendar easier for me and hopefully others to intuit.

The months of the year, each named for a zodiacal sign, are as follows:

 1. The Alchemist

2. The Bastard

3. The Clone

4. The Dragon

5. The Egg

6. The Ferret

7. The Grackle

8. The Hag

9. The Imp

10. The Jack-o’-Bear

11. The Kraken

12. The Leper

13. The Maggot

The days of the week are as follows:

1. Slugday

2. Demonday

3. Oozeday

4. Wandsday

5. Curseday

6. Frogday

7. Slatternday

And here’s a tentative list of Fazian holidays. Some are festivals over multiple days, some are a single day or night. Some are observed only in the City, some are observed even in small ruralities. There’s a mix of religious and secular celebrations which I haven’t fully transposed from the Wilderlands.

 Airing of the Grievances


Blood Moon (Assassins’ Guild)

Capybara Day

Carnival of Souls (Winter Solstice)

Cofflefest (Slavers’ Guild)

Coronation of Good King Fugly


Feast of Fecundity (Autumnal Equinox)

Festival of Balefires (Summer Solstice)

Festival of the Hungry Deeps (Midsummer)

Founding Day

Gala of the Gargoyles



Good Frogday


Humoring of the Dotards


Masque of the Scarabs

Minstrel Cycle (Minstrels’ Guild)

Morons’ Promenade

Naked Day

Night of the Adjudicator

Night of the Comet


Neighbor Day

Dingus’s Birthday

Paramour’s Pavane

Parliament of Whores

Rites of Spring (Vernal Equinox)


Sellabration (Merchants’ Guild)


Sneakus (Thieves’ Guild) (originated in Arduin)

Treason Amnesty Day

Ultima Yule

Wake of Vultures (Mercenaries’ Guild)

Witches’ Court (Midwinter)

Wizards’ Convocation

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