Faz campaign: Goblins of Thrallut

The Goblin City of Thrallut is a tightly packed agglomeration of squat, cupola-crowned buildings overlooking soot-caked streets and alleys. It reeks of elemental humors from various ancient foundries; the Witch Doctors retain some degree of the goblin race’s magical affinity for fire and stinking vapors, but the foundries have been decommissioned for centuries and the secrets of operating them are lost. Relatively quiet during the hated brightness of day, the streets and squares spring to life with goblin throngs at nightfall.

[Goblins in the Faz campaign are intelligent and cunning, with even the rank and file being as smart as the average human. They look like they were drawn by Russ.  The ruling Witch Doctor caste is more magically adept than is usual, particularly where spells of fire and smoke are concerned.]

Goblins are skilled craftsmen and miners, favoring baroque designs and color schemes which humans find vaguely nauseating. They are reasonably effective fighters for their small size, but are unlikely to strike fear into opponents with their martial prowess. They also exhibit diffident morale, especially in the sunlight they despise. They accordingly look to their larger, more powerful cousins for muscle. Norkers are employed as watchmen and soldiers; their heavy truncheons, snapping jaws, and natural armor make them very effective heavy infantry. The looming, disturbingly quiet bugbears are highly valued for their odd combination of power and stealth, and are used as enforcers, skirmishers, and shock troops.

[Note that there is no "hobgoblin" race in the setting. Characters who speak the hobgoblin language speak a guttural dialect used by norkers and bugbears.]

The baleful goblin monarch, His Mephitic Magnificence the Grand Grue, is the most powerful of the Witch Doctors and is said to be part demon, or perhaps descended from the mysterious Goblin God. The Grue has a magic device that allows him to conjure smoke para-elementals, and his cadaverine arcano-influidators turn the few subjects who survive them into a variety of ghastly “thouls.” There are thus powerful deterrents against any who would besiege the Goblin City.

Thrallut and Faz are almost always on neutral terms at worst, as neither City has been able to chisel out a significant advantage in their economically codependent relationship – Thrallut’s storehouses are filled with grain from Faz’s surrounding farmsteads, and Faz’s armies are outfitted with steel from goblin forges. However, neither City loves its “ally.” Goblins and their kin infest Faz’s Underworld, spying and collecting treasure while committing what mischief they can, even murder if they think they can get away with it.

[Goblins and dwarves have long warred against each other, and encounters between the two are marked by hostility and, if circumstances allow, copious bloodshed.]

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