Faz campaign: Crabmen of Qrol

The Coral Kingdom of Qrol is the realm of the crabmen, who inhabit an ornate ruined coral-city deep beneath the waters of the Turbid Sea.  The crabmen of the present day are superstitious primitives, incapable of having erected such an edifice.  It is unknown whether their society was once more advanced, or if the city was built by others and subsequently inhabited by the crabmen.  Qrol has only been seen at a distance by surface dwellers, and the crabmen are either deliberately cryptic or unsure themselves as to the city’s origins.

[In fact, the crabmen were a servitor race of the city's Shepherd architects.  Their racial affinity for silver stems from a dim ancestral memory of one of their former primary tasks, the maintenance of the elaborate grid of silver arcano-circuitry that once maintained the city's forcefield.]

The crabmen’s behavior is largely inscrutable, but they emerge from the depths at irregular intervals to trade coral, sponges, and pearls for silver and slaves with the merchants of Faz.  Slaves sold to the crabmen are drawn from the ranks of convicts, prisoners of war, and other low-castes, as the crabmen are penurious in this regard and favor quantity over quality.  The merchants have no illusions about the slaves’ ultimate fate.

Occasionally, the crabmen withdraw from human contact, ceasing trade and greeting any overtures with outright hostility.  Again, their motives are unknown, and nuanced conversation with a crabman is impossible.

The crabmen worship a godling whose name is approximately humanized as Zakeketukkl, an intelligent giant crab of great size and power which lurks in one of Qrol’s central buildings.  A small priest-caste of silver-adorned crabmen has developed to see to proper veneration of Zakeketukkl, which generally consists of the steady provision of food items (drowned slaves from Faz when possible) and the occasional sacrifice of silver items, although the crabmen are only slightly less miserly with their god than in any other context where silver is concerned.  Thus, silver is only offered at significant ceremonies.

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One Response to Faz campaign: Crabmen of Qrol

  1. Jonas says:

    I have often thought of crabmen in Fiend Folio and of that pulpy whole page illustration that somebody should do something interesting about it. This I think fits perfectly with it.

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